My first time visiting Indonesia was October 2019 as part of a several month travelling adventure. I was supposed to stay for 4 weeks, but ended up flying out and back into the country to extend my visa, because I just couldn’t stomach saying goodbye.

I predict you’ll feel exactly the same after booking one of our pre planned trips.

Indonesia consists of 20,000 islands, so in truth, we will barely be scratching the surface, and one trip won’t be nearly enough, but it will definitely leave you satisfied until your next visit.

Indonesia consists of over 20,000 islands, so it is safe to say, the discoveries and adventures are endless.

A collage of culture, religion, stunning ancient architecture, flooded with dense jungle, meandering rivers and cascading waterfalls, rich in biological wonders, I could go on…

But why should I, when you can experience it for yourselves.

One of the most visited islands in Indonesia is Bali, and just because of it’s abundance of tourists, is that any reason not to go? 100% not! Tourism tends to be situated in a couple of areas, but our tours aim to take you off the beaten track, with pre-planned motorbike routes, to take you to some of Bali’s most beautiful and untouched locations.

If you’re feeling up for the challenge, then our adventure seeker will keep you fit and beach ready. Our packages include some incredible hikes and sights, but be warned, they’re no walk in the park.