What is sustainable and ‘slow’ travel?

Slow & sustainable travel allows the traveller to connect with their cultural and ecological surroundings.

Every travel destination is another person’s home, and we feel that every location should feel like home by the time you leave. How would you like people to treat your home? How would you tell them to explore it? Would you want them to visit the places that are secretly beautiful?

We believe in supporting ethical organisations that boost the local economy and preserve the natural heritage?

Why is it the option for you?

It allows you to take time to absorb in your surroundings, you have time to allow every single moment to move you. As you involve yourself with the locals and fellow travellers, you start to give back even more than you take.

Sustainable travel is not only about being eco-friendly but also about re- specting and supporting local cultures and traditions. 

If you’re looking to travel in a completely unique and forward thinking way, then this is the style for you.

Our sustainable option for travel, is designed to slow the holiday-maker down. Our ‘slow travel’ packages are more flexible, in the sense that our suggested day trips and excursions aren’t all bookable. This gives you the freedom to explore as you wish.

We have also curated a suggestion of tours and activities that will spice up your vacation.

We would definitely recommend choosing from these tours if you’d like a cultural immersion that’s genuine, and off-the-beaten path.
We know how annoying it can be to visit places that are overcrowded, and it is just not worth your time.

For this package we only partner with accommodations that have the same mindset, and goal to preserve the planet or homesteads with locals, to fully immerse you in your adventure.

We love to make the most of our time whilst travelling, and that means having a healthy balance of relaxation and getting in touch with and appreciating the culture of the country that you’re visiting. 

No matter which package you choose, you will only be taken care of by locals. This means that we are always giving back to the communities that we visit.