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Best things to do in London around Christmas time

London! The city of Queens, clock towers and bad weather. Not only one of the most visited destinations in Europe, but also the most culturally diverse, with residents collectively speaking over 300 languages, you’re sure to feel comfortable anywhere here. With over 170 museums to visit here in London, multiple tours to do and super simple transport, the city is your oyster. So here are …

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What people don’t tell you about renting a car in Iceland!

Iceland in November: When we started planning our trip to Iceland, our initial idea was to road trip around and sleep in a camper/car. We wanted to increase our chances of seeing the Northern Lights by not actually going inside, and also see as much of the island as possible… so never really stop driving.  Soon we realised the complexes that came with renting a …

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What to pack for a weekend in Iceland

Thinking about my views on holidays and trips about a year ago, I know Iceland wouldn’t have been in my top 10, maybe not even my top 20. Cold, windy, icy didn’t really tick the boxes for me.  Having done my research, I now know it is full to the brim with endless activities, experiences, once in a lifetime opportunities and beautiful sights. Whether you’re …