The thing to remember when planning your days in Nusa Penida, which we also found to be true in Ubud, is not to underestimate how long it take to explore each location. By this I mean, don’t plan too much in one day. It isn’t that it takes a long time to get to each destination, or that it takes a long time to explore it once you’re there. It is the hikes up and down to each location that takes the time. The journeys can sometime get pretty gnarly, and making your way back up in the heat and sun can really take it out of you.

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1) Kelingking Beach

You are probably already familiar with this beach, if not by name, then you have for sure seen photos of it before. It is probably one of the most famous spots on Nusa Penida.

The best way to get to Kelingking Beach, and to travel around the island, is by moped. Luckily the island is fairly easy to navigate, due to its limited number of roads. However they can be tedious the closer you get to each location, so be prepared for a bumpy ride and take it slow.

The beach is located south on the island, so if you are staying near crystal bay, then continue anti-clockwise around the island. We stayed near the harbour, and the journey was only about 30 minutes.

Before heading down to the beach, I suggest walking around the cliff side to the right. Here you can get some really lovely views of the beach and the famous T-Rex shaped peninsula.

You could after this, embark on a journey to the beach below, down some rickety bamboo steps, however we opted to continue onto our next destination.

2) Angels Billabong & Broken Beach

Angels Billabong, is a natural tide pool, carved into the side of a cliff, which at certain times of the day you can actually access and swim in. The pool is made up of crystal clear water that overflows into the crashing sea below.

Unfortunately, we were unable to enter into the water, due to the high tide. Best time to visit is early in the morning, when the tide is out. There is a barrier put up to stop people entering at certain times of the day.

How to get to Angels Billabong:
The site is located on the West Coast of Nusa Penida, but if you are travelling there from Kelingking Beach, it shouldn’t take long at all. This obviously depends on your driving skills on uneven terrain.

Broken Beach, is named due to the giant arch way that allows water to flow in and out of the cove. The archway here at Broken Beach is one that has been formed over many many years, and as a result, is a beautiful sight that should not be missed.

3) Collect some Mangos

Nusa Penida has plenty of Mango trees. We definitely took advantage of this. When driving around the island, we continued to pass puddles of fallen mangos, and Ed being Ed, decided to stop to try one.

Once we had our first taste, that was it. Throughout the duration of our stay on the island, this was our snack. When journeying to our next destination, we would always stop off to pick up a fallen mango, or two… or three. They made for a perfect snack, and really gets you feeling at one with nature.

Plus, they’re adorable!

That concludes our day two in Nusa Penida adventures and itinerary.

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