This was our first time in Indonesia, more specifically Bali and more specifically Ubud.

Before arriving, we were skeptical if Bali was just a hyped up Instagram destination, that is full of tourists to the point where you aren’t actually able to enjoy the locations. And whilst yes there are many tourists, if you plan your day right, it is a perfect destination for your next holiday.

It is safe to say that we are actually in love with Ubud, and can’t wait to share some of the places we visited whilst in Ubud.

1) Ubud market

Open everyday, is Ubud market. Our hotel was really well located within Ubud and was about a 2 minute walk from the market. Before 8AM the market is used to sell meat and veg to the locals, and after 9AM it switches to what they call the Art market.

Here you’ll find anything from bags, to clothes, shoes, handicrafts, household furnishings and decorations and more. It is hard to resist filling your suitcase up with awesome goodies.

2) Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Not as close to Ubud central as Tegalalang Rice terraces, but well worth the drive. Jatiluwih rice terrace is about an hours drive from Ubud market and costs 20,000 rupiah per person, which is a little over £1.

Once you get through the payment kiosk the drive to the rice paddies is lovely, so take your time and enjoy the views.

At the top there are a few restaurants and shops where you can eat. You could easily spend the best part of a day here.

There are several trails leading through the rice fields, the white trail is the longest, we went for the blue trail, which is a little shorter than the white.

3) Pengempu waterfall

We found this waterfall by chance on our way to Tegalalang rice terraces, and we are so glad we did.

Entrance fee was based on donation, which we paid when we left.

It wasn’t the most magnificently powerful waterfall that we visited, but it was by far the most peaceful. As it is far less touristy than other falls, we were virtually the only people down there, besides a couple of locals.

I’d definitely add this to your list of falls to stop by on your way to some of the more well known ones.

4) Danau Beratan lake

I wouldn’t make this a day trip but more of a location that you should definitely keep a look out for on your way up north to some of the waterfalls.

If you time your passing right, you’ll be able to see the clouds touching the surface of the lake. It makes for a super eerie but awesome experience and photo.

5) Nung Nung Waterfall

A one hour drive away from Ubud, you will find Nung Nung Waterfall. An iconic waterfall surrounded by nature!

Entry into this Waterfall was only 10,000 IDR per person (a little over £0.40) and 2,000 IDR for parking a scooter.

If you walk directly in front of the waterfall into the bay opposite, then the spray of the water is crazy, and you will get soaked. I advise leaving your things to the left of the waterfall, and taking a photo from this angle if you’re not looking to get wet.

6) Aling Aling waterfall

Aling Aling waterfall is also located in the north of Bali, not far from some other great attractions.

We actually didn’t go into Aling Aling as when we got there the entrance fee was very high. The people at the desk offered a tour package of 4 waterfalls, and a guide for the trek. They said the total trekking time was about 2 hours.

The guide is mandatory at this location and not a scam, however given that we had been to so many waterfalls already for a much cheaper price, we decided to give this one a miss for the day. But we will be returning soon for the amazing cliff jumping you can do at this location.

Head over to Jackson Groves’ page for some more information.

7) Tegenungan waterfall

South east of Ubud is the very popular tourist attraction, Tegenungan waterfall. A short (ish) bike down through the jungle to the waterfall is an idea of paradise. It isn’t such a short hike up though. Bear that in mind when planning your trip. The hikes down to these idyllic locations are stunning, but remember at some point you need to get back up haha. Although the water at the waterfall isn’t great for swimming in, there is a lovely little dipping pool with fountains filled with fresh water from the falls that you can swim in.

8) Campuan Ridge Walk

Set yourself the task of waking up early to do this walk for sunrise. Located only a 10-15 minute drive from Ubud market, it won’t take you long to get there.

We got there just after sunrise, when the mist was rising through the valleys on either side of the ridge, and it was beautiful.

There is no entrance fee or donation so you’re free to explore the location as you wish, and you definitely should.

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