Our last night in India was spent in the incredibly beautiful and luxurious Leela Kovalam. After a much needed restful night, we woke early to make use of their on site gym, and buffet breakfast.

I was a very happy bunny

After stuffing our faces periodically for a couple of hours, we headed to the pool to take a dip and enjoy the scenes.

We headed to the airport at 4 to catch what we thought was an 8pm flight. We soon came to find out I had misread the booking and our flight was actually at 11pm.

After many many hours waiting in the airport, we eventually boarded our flight to Singapore. We actually didn’t realise we had a stopover in Singapore, let alone such a long one, until a couple of days earlier. So it was a very exciting surprise.


After a relatively uncomfortable flight (AirAsia), we arrived in Singapore. As we walked towards the metro, we saw a shop that absolutely made my day. After having spoken to Ed about this shop only a few days earlier, telling him it is one of the things I missed about home, I was so excited. STARBUCKS! It was perfect timing, as it was October, I was able to get a speciality pumpkin and toffee latte!! YUM!

We sat in Starbucks for about 45 minutes to fully charge our phones for our day out in Singapore and to also plan a route.

The other benefit to taking our time in Starbucks, was to wait for the metro ticket tourism desk to open. A one way metro ticket to Marina Bay Sands was £9 per person, however at the tourism desk you can purchase an unlimited stop train ticket for $10 plus a refundable $10 deposit per person.

We managed to squeeze a lot into our short layover, but I’ll give a more detailed itinerary in another post.

After a jam packed and very hot and sweaty day, we headed back to the airport slightly early for our 6pm flight, as I wanted to explore what I have heard is one of the best airports in the world.

Boy was it stunning. If you visit Singapore, or even have a layover, then you should definitely set aside some time to visit The Jewel. I could have easily spent the whole day exploring this place without even leaving the airport. Not only is it a shoppers paradise, but it caters to foodies and even adventurers.

Check out the website for more info.


Another 4 hour flight later, we arrived in Bangkok.

After collecting our luggage and exchanging a small amount of money, we headed straight to the Departures drop off to hustle for a taxi. This is a little tip I picked up when travelling. You can generally hustle for lower prices from here, as it saves the driver having to wait in the taxi queue at arrivals.

Our taxi took us straight to our hotel, where we had a quick shower, updated our IG stories to show how excited we were to have arrived in Thailand, and got dressed, to hit KOH SAN ROAD.

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