Getting to Udaipur

We travelled from Jaisalmer to Udaipur by bus. We booked this trip using and the journey took around 7-8 hours.

We arrived in Udaipur at 5:30 am and were instantly bombarded by rickshaw offers. So, if like us, you are arriving in Udaipur at a crazy time in the morning and are maybe worried about transport to your hotel, no need to be. There’s an abundance of rickshaws at any time.

Staying at Bunkyard

When we arrived at Bunkyard, the gated shutters were closed and locked with a padlock. At first we panicked however after a couple of knocks we were welcomed by a sleepy yet extremely friendly member of staff.

When paying for the rickshaw we didn’t have change, and neither did the driver. Something I will still never understand about Indian rickshaw drivers… why if you’re working in a cash only business, why do they not carry change? Anyway, the wonderful bunkyard receptionist paid the driver for us from his own pocket, and we paid him back when we were able to get change from a shop the next day.

Due to our very early arrival we were unable to check in but were able to sleep in the communal comfy area until later in the morning.

After a nap in the communal area we headed up to the rooftop restaurant for a coffee and some breakfast. And wow what a view. The prices are also very good considering you get an amazing view to compliment the tasty, fresh food!

One of the factors that sets Udaipur apart from other Rajasthani cities is the lakes and mountains. And there is no better place to take it all in than from the rooftop at bunkyard.

You’re greeted with an almost 360 degree view of Udaipur and the most perfect view of the main lake, Taj Lake Palace, The Leela Udaipur, which sparkles at night and creates the most gorgeous reflection on the lake, and also views of an incredible mountainous backdrop. You could easily spend hours up there and not feel like you’re missing out.

At 12 we were able to check into our room, we opted for a fan only room which also had views of the lake from a set of lovely stain glass windows. The room was clean and aesthetic, which made a nice change from some of the hostels we had been staying at.

The Bunkyard experience

There was a lovely sense of community at bunkyard. The staff were all so friendly and the guests really appreciated how welcoming they were. After making friends with several guests, it became apparent how many of them had decided to stay longer in Udaipur, mostly because of the atmosphere at Bunkyard. Including us, we stayed an extra night before heading south for Goa.

Diversity is at the heart of Bunkyard. This is reflected in the flags that run from the ground floor to the top floor! This is also reflected in the amazing guests (including us) that Bunkyard attracts!

For sunset, Bunkyard have chai time from 5.30-6:30pm. They offer free chai tea on the roof to enjoy the stunning sunset on the rooftop restaurant. Adding even more to that sense of community, sometimes the staff join too. Even without the free chai, the rooftop is definitely somewhere you’d want to spend the hour of sunset. The menu offers a great mixture of continental and local Indian cuisine – you will definitely not be disappointed!

The sun sets directly in front of Bunkyard and slowly descends behind the mountains, creating an incredible reflection in the lake in-front. I could spend weeks watching the sun set from this spot.

Bunkyard offers AC dorm rooms, fab doubles, AC doubles, queen and king rooms. All at a very reasonable price.

If staying at bunkyard isn’t for you, then I’d 100% recommend going there for the rooftop restaurant experience at least. You will not be disappointed by this lovely property located in the heart of Udaipur!

Click this link to book your stay at Bunkyard.

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