Embarking on a one night adventure into the sand dunes of the Thar desert was one of the things I was most looking forward to doing in India.

I had been longing to venture into the desert after seeing numerous posts from people doing it in places like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

So it is safe to say that when I found out that partaking in this activity was possible in India, I knew I had to do it.

We booked a three night stay with Abu Safari, including a one night camel safari into the desert.

I would definitely recommend staying with Abu. The prices are great and the staff and food are lovely!

We set off by jeep towards the desert at 3:30pm. The total drive time was about 50 minutes. We stopped off at an old abandoned village where gypsy desert people used to inhabit!

It was so incredible to walk around these deserted and partially broken down houses, just to imagine who used to live there. It was like something from a movie.

When we got back into the car, we headed to a small village to pick up some supplies and some cold water.

When we eventually got to the outskirts of the desert we were greeted by two beautiful camels and their owner.

The camel trek lasted about an hour, and boy was it a bumpy ride!

I’ll tell you now, camels are not the most comfortable animals to ride, and we did not ride them for the whole journey. We actually felt super bad for the camels so walked quite a bit of it. Which worked out good for our bums as well as the camels.

We eventually approached where we would set up camp for the night!

This cute little clay hut, surrounded by a couple of trees on one side and some truly incredible sand dunes on the other.

Our guide offered us the option to either sleep in the hut or beside it, or take our beds up to the top of the dune and sleep there.

Safe to say that option 2 sounded way more exciting.

He made us some fresh chai then began cooking dinner for us straight away! We headed to the top of the dunes to set down our things and to take some photos as many of us ‘Instagram generations’ do.

For dinner we ate some lovely rice with a vegetable curry, served with some freshly made chapatti on the side.

By this time it was dark so I was personally fighting with wanting to make sure I wasn’t eating any bugs by shining a torch on my plate, and knowing that by shining a torch on my plate, I was actually attracting more bugs.

We did eventually turn the torch off for about 5 minutes, and when we turned it back on there was a beetle the size of a 10p coin right in the middle of Ed’s plate. Thank god we turned it back on! 😂

After dinner we walked back to the top of the dunes to settle in for the night. The scorpions ascend to the top of the sand at night so watch your step.

When the torch was on, we were being catapulted into by huge crickets or dragonflies or beetles or whatever the hell they were. All I can say is it felt like I was in a game of paint ball.

Once the torch was off however, this whirlwind of a bug storm all settled down, and we were able to watch the stars in bliss before the moon came up.

We were lucky enough to see quite a few shooting stars as it was a clear night. This made it all the more special as Ed had never seen one before.

The next morning we woke for sunrise and was able to shoot some amazing video footage and took some lovely photos.

We had some chai and breakfast with our tour guide before packing up and heading back.

We were picked up by the truck driver in the same place we were dropped off and went straight back to our hotel.

It was truly a magical experience and definitely one I would do again… without the camels.

Sleeping outside under the stars in a great location is definitely something I feel everyone should try at least once in their life.

Here is a video to sum up our trip.

If you want to experience a night like this in Jaisalmer, I would definitely recommend Abu Safari, the staff make the experience all the more better.

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