We travelled from Jaipur to Pushkar by bus. There is not much information online about a bus service that goes between these two towns, but you might be able to find something about a bus that goes between Jaipur and Ajmer.

When we were in Jaipur we asked around quite a bit for any local busses that go to Pushkar. We found it quite hard to get a straight answer, but in the end it all worked out.

We took a 9am bus from Sindhi Camp bus station in Jaipur. You can not buy these tickets in advance so don’t stress if you haven’t got one the morning you’re leaving. You can actually only buy the ticket just before 9.

I would recommend maybe getting to the station at about 8:30 as this gives you enough time to get your bearings and find the right ticket booth.

The bus is fairly comfortable and as this is the first stop you will get a seat. There was nowhere to store our big rucksacks, so we took a three seater and put one of our bags on the floor and one on one of the seats.

I had spent the night prior to catching this bus throwing up in our hotel bathroom, so excuse the unenthusiastic photo of me and the awful angle, but hey… were travelling!

Despite the shabby appearance of the bus, it was not as bad as it looks! The wind blasting through the open windows kept us cool, as long as you don’t mind a bit of dust in your face.

If you’re travelling on a budget, I would definitely recommend trying out the local bus.

The journey took around 5 hours total and cost 160 INR per person.

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