When planning our visit to Jaipur, I had a whole list of places I wanted to visit. Either based on recommendations from friends, Pinterest or Instagram photos I had seen.

We were staying in Jaipur for a total of 5 nights with only 3 full days. I made a list of all the places I wanted to visit and grouped them based on their location into a 3 day itinerary.

We ended up not sticking to plan at all due to a fiery tuktuk driver, who ‘knew best’. Turns out he did. He gave us an unforgettable experience and took us to the best places depending on the time of day.

Our final 3 day plan looked a little like this.

Here’s how we did it!

Day 1

We began our day by walking into the Pink City from our hotel. You can easily explore these streets by foot. There are plenty of shops and bazaars to explore. You will be able to find anything, from handmade leather shoes, to clothes and saris, along with spices and lots of fruit and veg.

We spent about an hour exploring the bazaars before we stopped for a drink and some lunch in one of the cafes opposite the Hawa Mahal. This is the perfect place to stop, as you can soak up the view on the rooftops away from the busy streets.

We ended up sitting in this cafe for a few hours, talking to other travellers, which meant we did not see the City Palace on day one as we intended. However, we arranged to share a tuktuk ride with a couple we met here, with our trusted driver Mr.Shampoo, to Nahargarh fort for sunset.

We left our hotel at 3:45 that day to reach the fort with time to explore and settle in for sunset.

Day 2

Mr. Shampoo picked us up from our hotel at 10:30 to take us to Monkey Temple. On the way we pulled over and ended up picking up a fellow traveller from South Korea who eventually decided to join us for our journey.

When we arrived at Monkey Temple, there were many locals making their way to the top to bath and pay respects.

When you arrive at Monkey Temple, you will have many people offering to be a ‘monkey guard’ for you and whoever you’re travelling with. This is unnecessary. The monkeys here are so used to people that they pretty much mind their own business. There is no entrance fee, however there will be a man at the entrance of the temple that charges you for whatever camera equipment you have. 50 INR per piece. My advice would be to hide your phones and say you left them in your hotel, so you only have to pay for the camera. Alongside this, there are people asking for donations, this isn’t a requirement, but obviously give as you please.

After Monkey Temple we got back on our tuktuk and headed to Panna Meena Ka Kund. It was about a 45 minute drive from Monkey Temple, but the views alone are worth the drive.

Once we got to the infamous step well, we were told that you are actually not allowed to walk down the steps anymore. To our utmost disappointment. There are guards manning the steps 24 hours a day, to prevent people from jumping into the water or hurting themselves.

However, as I have previously said, we had the absolute best tuktuk driver, and he refused to leave until the police man allowed us to take some photos on the steps.

Eventually he agreed in exchange for 100 INR, but he didn’t give us much time. So the photos did not come out as well as we might have hoped.

It is important to note however, that it is an offence to bribe a policeman. However the money was handed to another man who was with the policeman, who then gave the money to the policeman after. I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you have a local with you.

After the step well, we were dropped off in the city centre, so we could get some food.

From here we made our way to City Palace. Entrance fee to the museum was 700 INR for tourist and 400 INR for student tourists. For the museum plus the palace, entrance was 2500 INR for tourists and 2000 INR for student tourists.

After that, Shampoo picked us up to take us to his house for dinner with his family. But I will save those details for another post.

Day 3

We began day 3 slow. We headed to the Indian Coffee House for breakfast. Ed ordered an Indian dish whilst I ordered sweet french toast. We both ordered coffee. The food and coffee was lovely and cheap. I would definitely recommend.

After breakfast, we wondered around the old city for a bit before hopping in a tuktuk. We agreed a 400 INR price to take us to Royal Gaitor followed by Amer Fort for sunset before taking us home.

Royal Gaitor had an entrance fee of 20 INR per person, and I’d pay double! RG is such a lovely and peaceful experience, at least it was when we went. We were almost completely alone except for a lone male traveller, but we hardly noticed him.

I would definitely suggest adding RG to your list of places to visit, it is a nice way to get away from the hustle of the pink city.

After Royal Gaitor we headed back to the tuktuk to get to Amer Fort for sunset. When we told this to the driver he suggested taking us to the back route of Nahargarh Fort instead. He said it is a better location for sunset. We took his advice and he was not wrong.

The reason he was taking us to the ‘back entrance’ is because we wanted to take the instafamous photo walking on the fort wall. He claimed there were no police at this location.

The driver dropped us off in a little village at the base of the fort. He told us we had to go by foot from here. It was a trek and a half, and Ed was willing to give up on several different occasions. Being the sceptic he is, he was convinced the driver had lied to us and there was intact no ‘back entrance’. I was determined to trust him, as I was eager to get THE photo.

After a long walk and a couple of sprints away from cows we reached the top. And it was worth it. There was however police, but we decided to try our luck, by hoping that if we walked far enough away, we could get away with it.

We managed to get a shot of Ed before we noticed a police man taking photos of us. We jumped down and he threatened a 500 INR fine. He let us off the hook and walked away. Unfortunately I didn’t get the shot, despite risking my life for Ed’s. I guess we’ll have to go back!

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