After a busy 4 days and 3 nights in New Delhi it was time for us to move on to Agra.

We booked our tickets in advance on the official IRCTC website. And despite it taking a bit longer to set up and add your details than on other websites such as, it’s worth it! The prices are significantly cheaper and you don’t have the added stress of wondering if the tickets will work on arrival!

Having said that, is a completely safe site to book through.

We booked the Jhelum Express train, departing New Delhi at 10:15 with an expected arrival time at 13:20 in Agra.

Whilst in Delhi we visited the tourism information bureau, who told us our train class is awful and the train we had booked was also bad quality.

We opted to not listen to them, and to test the waters with the short, Delhi to Agra train, and if it was unbearable, then we would go for a higher class on the next train.

Finding our train platform was easy and straight forward. Our train arrived early and we did not have to wait around on the platform for ages.

When purchasing our tickets, we opted for AC tier 3, and we chose the top and middle bunk in the longer inside berth. These seats are supposed to be slightly safer in terms of your luggage and you also don’t have the added irritation of people walking past you.

Our seats were easy to find, and pretty comfortable.

As you will see in the photos below, you are unable to sit on the bunks, but for a short journey such as Delhi to Agra, this wasn’t an issue.

We also had some lunch on the train. This meal was big enough to feed both of us. You got 3 portions of different curries and 2 portions of rice, all for 150 INR.

When it comes to booking our next train for the longer journeys, AC tier 3 is absolutely fine, however we would probably opt for the aisle berths. Even though you have people walking past you more often, you do get the comfort of being able to sit up in your sleeper and look out the window.

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