When we arrived in India the first thing we needed to do was get some money changed. Task number 2 was to buy a SIM card.

We exchanged £20 at the airport which got us 1580 INR. A pretty low rate, which is why we only exchanged £20. They claim to not charge commission but don’t be fooled.

Next we made our way to the SIM card stall. A total price of 900 INR for 1.4GB of data a day and unlimited calls and texts to any Indian number for a month. The sim does take a few hours to start working. Mine started at about 6PM local time. We arrived at 12PM.

Next we headed to the metro. Buying a ticket was super easy, but finding the platform wasn’t so. However the New Delhi metro is super efficient and after one journey, is not complicated at all.

To travel 5 stops from the airport we paid a total of 60 INR for two people. We then caught a rickshaw from the station to the hotel which was 100 INR.

We are staying at the Hotel City Heights on Main Bazar street. We had booked this hotel for a total of 3 nights, but are allowed to pay each day for that night. 1354 INR per night totalling 4062 INR for a large double room with ensuite bathroom.

Granted it isn’t the most luxurious hotel room, by any stretch of the imagination, but it is in a great location and the staff are lovely.

After having a shower and getting changed we decided to go exploring. We made our way towards Connaught Place for some food. We settled in at Dr.Zombie food & coffee, and had a coffee and some naan bread. This came to a total of 537 INR.

We hopped on the metro from New Delhi metro station to Chandni Chowk, costing 20 INR for 2 people.

Here we made our way to the highly rated Natraj Dahi Dhalla Corner. Not what we expected, as it is pretty much a tiny slither of a restaurant in an alleyway, where you have to eat standing up by a bin :/.

Initially we ordered one portion to share. But. it. was. DELICIOUS. We immediately ordered another portion, before heading home.

For dinner we stepped out of our hotel into the hustle and bustle of Main Bazar street, where there was plenty of street food to choose from along with some rooftop restaurants/bars.

We opted for a sit down meal on one of the rooftops, and we watched the world go by. Our dinner of 2 curries, one portion of rice, one bottled water and one chai tea came to a total of 690 INR.

You could of course find cheaper places to eat, but we enjoyed the view for our first night.

TOTAL SPENDING: 3314 inr (2 people)

Hotel : 1354 inr (per night)

SIM card : 900 inr

Metro : 100 inr (2 people)

Rickshaw : 170 inr (2 journeys)

Lunch : 100 inr (2 meals)

Dinner : 690 inr (2 meals)

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