So with only 22 days to go until we leave for a full year of travel around Asia, organising our packing has become even more important!

I am an excessive over-packer and over-shopper. I have been buying clothes like crazy for my trip without even thinking ‘will this all fit in one backpack?’

So yesterday I decided to do a practice run of trying to fit all of my clothes into my bag. And the answer to ‘did they all fit?’ is……….


I have used packing cubes to separate different types of clothes, ie, tops, skirts, dresses and trousers/shorts. This has made packing somewhat easier. However some of my clothes are most definitely going to have to be squashed into Ed’s bag.

So what is in my bag?

I will do a more detailed post on how I packed for a year in Asia, but for a short overview, keep reading!

First off, I purchased some packing cubes on Amazon. These really allowed me to organise my bag, especially when packing in a camping backpack as opposed to a suitcase.

In the biggest bag I packed tops. I have plenty of white tops, as I find they go with most bottoms. I also packed several different coloured tops, however only a couple have patterns.

I find it is easier to pair a plain top with patterned bottoms than it is the other way around. It also allows for you to create several different outfits using only one top.

Photo by from Pexels

In the next packing cube I packed only dresses. Dresses are great as they are their own outfit. In total I have about 15 different dresses. Like I said, I’m an over-packer.

I also packed several patterned wrap skirts, that cover my knees. Some elasticated midi skirts with no patterns, in different colours. 2 pairs of floaty trousers, and 2 pairs of denim shorts and some cycling shorts.

My airport outfit will consist of my bulkiest clothes, ie, tracksuit bottoms, hoodie and trainers.

I am also taking 2 pairs of sandals, a pair of white Birkenstocks and a pair of beach flip-flops.

I will be posting a more in-depth post on what exactly I have packed, along with photos.

Stay tuned for more x

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