For our first time in Paris we decided to stick to the basics and explore the ‘must sees’.


So if like us, you are new to Paris, or have been before but just roamed aimlessly, then keep reading to find what we thought were the Top 5 things to do and see in Paris!


  1. The Eiffel Tower

    We visited the Eiffel Tower both during the day and at night. We only had one night in Paris, so unfortunately were unable to go to the top. We will defo have to do this on our second visit.


2. Notre Dame

The Notre Dame is an absolute must see! It is so stunning and breathtaking, the I reckon even non-architecture buffs will be in awe at its beauty.


3. Boulevard De Cliche:

This street was so much fun to walk down at night. The area was lit with neon lights and filled with tipsy fun loving people. There were so many fun bars and restaurants, serving anything from seafood to Chinese. I defo recommend this area for dinner and drinks one night.


4. 57 Rivoli

This is a little secret art gallery hidden in a several story building in Paris. Super close to Notre Dame, it is not out of the way at all. This makes it a perfect place to visit.


5. Arc de Triomphe

Although another well known tourist destination in Paris, it is definitely a must see. Get in line to risk your life, just for that perfect instagram photo in the middle of a chaotic roundabout like no other.

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