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September 5th 2018

So for years now, I have known I want to move to America. I have always favoured American TV and film over British. I suppose I knew for sure, that I was certain about the big move, when watching the oh so amazing Gossip Girl. Just the sheer brilliance of the programme, combined with the seemingly unobtainable lifestyle of these 16ish year olds WOWED me! Now of course I know Gossip Girl was set in New York… and yes you guessed it, New York was, where in America I first wanted to move.

I suppose one of my main arguments for moving to the States now, is just that I hate UK weather. 99% of the time it is miserable and cold here, and the 1% of the time when the sun actually comes out, it is impossible to enjoy it in the city, unless you are in a beer garden or park. It’s pretty repetitive shit! And yes………… New York is literally a more intense version of London’s seasonal changes. With extreme colds and sweaty, heavy heated summers.

This leads me to my life changing series No2.

90210, another chick flick-esque US series, with the same amount of addiction value. This series, for those of you who may be unfamiliar, offers the same jealousy sparking rich teens, glamorous houses, and luxury lifestyle as Gossip Girl. However it is set in the zip code that gives it it’s name.

Throughout the series, we were taken on multiple journeys with the cast, to great beach parties, vineyards, hikes that offered incredible views, multiple $$$$$$$ stores. It basically showed me my ideal life. Now I know that all of my reasons so far have been absolutely whimsical, in the sense that, yes, they are based on fictional teenage TV dramas…. hmmmmm, and yes I have never actually visited either of these places in America, so how am I so sure that it is the place for me? Well I am not SO sure, I just have a strong hunch.

I am a believer in the Law of Attraction. I took myself to my local WHSmiths, and bought the ‘Lonely Planet‘s best of CALIFORNIA‘. This helped me to vision everything that Cali has to offer.

Note that Ed and my interests may differ completely to yours, nevertheless, below are all the places mentioned in ‘Lonely Planet’s best of’ that captured us the most:

  • pages 4-15: The book starts by California’s Top12: San Francisco, Sonoma Valley, Redwood Forests, Coastal Highway 1, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, LA, Orange County, and San Diego. These are all fairly obvious tourist attractions I suppose, but gives a lovely summary of what Cali has to offer.
  • page 16: Weather. LA’s high season temperatures reach 38º and above. Lonely Planet describes California’s low season as having ‘chilly temperatures’ …. Londons Summer in other words.
  • page 18: National State Parks: Yosemite NP, Redwood Forests and Death Valley NP. Ed and I love a good old weekend away, strolls and long walks appreciating nature, and I feel that California offers more of a variety.
  • page 65: Further adding to the previous point, San Francisco offer some lovey trails: as mentioned on p65, the Coastal Trail.
  • page 74: Sonoma Valley. Although wine is not our drink of choice right now, no one can turn down a sophisticated weekend away at a vineyard, sipping on fine wines and taking in the views.
  • page 100: Coastal Highway. I think one of my most idealised American visions has got to be, driving down some incredible Route road in a vintage convertible, with the sun beating down on me. And what better way to do so than with an ever-changing landscape to your left, and a seemingly infinite gleam of sea to your right.
    • This also links to page 177: Death Valley’s NP scenic drives.
  • page 106: Bodega Head. I know a lot of my intellect on American culture comes from fictional movies, but how romantic are the ones set in a peaceful little American town. The Longest Ride, The Notebook, Safe Haven and so on. So easy access to the cute little Fisherman towns are a keen ‘yes please’.
  • page 112: Lake TahoeNeed I say more? Quite an obvious benefit to living in Cali, from its snow sports in winter to its incredible hikes.
  • page 184: Palm Springs, Joshua Tree NP, another one for people with a love for the outdoors.
  • page 194: The final but most important one of all, Los Angeles! The city in which we intend to reside. Being an artistic person myself, I am drawn to its rich art collections, its impact on film, fashion and it’s lifestyle culture. LA offers great opportunity for both myself and Ed, in terms of our careers. Not to mention…. Theres a fricking beach. I can’t even imagine having 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, access to a beach.

To summarise, personally it can’t get much better!!

I know this post isn’t the most informative of posts, but it wasn’t supposed to be. Just me explaining my reasons behind my (hopefully) not so distant move! : Summer Sterling-Crosse


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