A weekend trip to Iceland.

I strongly believe I have become a pro at meticulously planning trips and holidays. I know some of you may prefer holidays when you just go with the flow and float… as do I. However, when I begin research into a country, and realise that there are thousands of places I want to see, and can’t decide which excite me the most… I have found that meticulous planning is the way to go.

Lets get into it:

A couple of days ago, we decided Iceland would be next on our agenda. However, next week I am going back to university to do a PGCE degree. This means that although I get holidays roughly once a month, said holidays aren’t flexible. Iceland for the weekend it would have to be.

We decided to leave on a Friday afternoon (missing half a day of uni) and return on Sunday evening….

Once booked, the first questions was, “what do we want to see in Iceland?”


Before visiting a country, I love to do research into the most visited places in that country. My go to research tool is Instagram. I simply search, “(country)travel” E.G. Icelandtravel. This technique will give you amazing photo inspo, sightseeing Inspo and maybe even some style inspo. I also use this technique to find specific travel pages for these countries. Some great ones for Iceland were ExploreIceland, Icelandtravel, and Icelandtoday.

After researching for random photos of Iceland, I might go back to some personal blog instagram accounts of influencers that I know have visited Iceland, and gather more Inspo from them. Some of my favourites for Iceland in particular were, Sorelleamore (have fallen absolutely head over heels for this woman), shuttericeland and RodrigoTrevino.

When searching for instagram inspiration, I like to make a specific collection of my saved images on instagram. (I have a collection of every country I am looking to visit in the near future.)


I write down a list of all the places that tickled my fancy, even if the list is excessive, I just write it ALL down. This includes places that I may have found on Google, TripAdvisor or LonelyPlanet etc.

Once I have my list of about 50 sightseeing locations, I print off a map of the country with as much detail as I can fit (roads, town names etc). Then I google the locations of the places I have on my list and mark their locations using a number on my print out map, matching the number on the map with the number next to the location name. Once I have mapped out all of the locations, I can start planning my route.

Using this technique, I have managed to plan a trip of a little under 2 days where are able to explore the whole coast of Iceland. 16 places in a weekend.

Stay tuned to find out how it goes and to watch a vlog of our trip.

likewedo.co.uk : Summer Sterling-Crosse

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