2nd August 2018

Yesterday was an absolutely lovely day. Given my recent, work hard, 9-5, 5/7, earn money, watch LoveIsland, go to sleep lifestyle, my usual and regular trips to Central London, Oxford Street, Covent Garden etc, have taken a back seat. I said to Ed the other day “Oh my gosh, I have not been to Oxford Street in like a year!!!” he replied and said, “We went at Christmas.” now obviously that wasn’t quite a year ago, it was still too long for me!

Yesterday I met up with a very old friend from my days at boarding school. We hadn’t seen each other in about 4 years now, so it was super exciting. It was like nothing had changed, except we have both put on ‘woman’ weight which neither of us were too happy about.

We began our girly date by meeting in Covent Garden, we took a stroll, paying no attention to the odd buskers kitted with silver and gold body paint, and Victorian clothing. (However as a child, I loved them). We settled for food in Cremedelacrepe which gave us the perfect setting to catch up and goss about people we used to go to school with. After our exploration around Coven Garden and our trip down memory lane, we ventured North West through the streets of SoHo and China Town to Regents and Oxford Street. When visiting Oxford Street, popping into Selfridges is a MUST!

We were lucky enough to be welcomed by a Fendi pop-up event, where there were balloons, lollies, and more. Now of course, currently venturing into Selfridges is strictly a window shopping event, but OH so much fun!! No shop worker can turn you away, they don’t know your student overdraft is still nice and firmly planted in your back account… and they don’t need to know. So dolikeIdo, and go to Balenciaga and rock a pair of Tripe S’s, or Chanel, and sling a classic shoulder bag on, or Louis Vuitton and strut in a pair of Star Trail Ankle Boots. Just tell them that “Daddy is arriving in his ferrari with the black card later” Shhhhh 😉 : Summer Sterling-Crosse

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