The Shard: Hutong

July 25th 2018

Turning 23 this July was an important day for me. My 22nd birthday did not turn out as expected and lets just say my 21st was memorable, but not for good reasons. Ed and I hadn’t spent a birthday together as a couple until now so I think he knew it had to be special, given my past hellish birthdays.

The day began with a beautiful breakfast in bed, artistically presented, considering his creative skills are practically non-existent. A stack of pancakes, too big for US to finish, let alone just me. The pancakes were surrounded by heaps of fresh fruit, strawberries, raspberries and bananas. alongside the beautiful breakfast, was a cup of coffee and some fresh orange juice.

The rest of the day was lovely and chilled, the way I like it!

The birthday dinner location was a surprise until arrival… It was stunning! It felt like dining on top of the world. The Shard is an absolutely beautiful destination, and rightful tourist attraction. Advice: If you’re looking to visit The Shard for it’s view, don’t book the “view from The Shard” tour. It works out to be more financially beneficial to go for a few drinks or snacks, enjoy the experience and relax than to book the tour. 

Moving on… given the restaurants limited availability for my birthday and Ed’s quite probably, last minute organisation, the booking was for 9:30pm. This meant our appetites were not so large. we decided to go for an assortment of DimSum and other Chinese appetisers, along with a portion of noodles to share. This worked perfectly as it meant we were able to try several of their dishes. The food was lovely! And along with the view of London, my 23rd turned out to be an absolutely perfect night. : Summer Sterling-Crosse

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